Trailsync goes beyond the benefits of a standard dropper post by combining automatic suspension adjustment and saddle position adjustment. It is perfectly integrated in the frame design and operated with a single, remote lever.

1. Activate Trailsync by pressing the remote lever

2. The remote lever activates the dropper post (drop or rise)

3. The dropper post controls the suspension mode

Uphill trail: saddle up!

All-out trail riding: saddle down!

How many times has your seatpost been suspended when you wished it were down? Or you discovered that your suspension was locked-out, when you’re already half-way down the trail?

Trailsync controls your riding position and suspension tune with one flick of a lever. An intuitive system that maximizes the amount of sync time you have with the trail.


Trailsync - Animation


ISPO Award 2018 Gold Winner:

 Munich, Germany: Every year, ISPO, the world’s largest international Multi-Segment Exibition for the sports industry, honors the most exceptional sporting goods with the ISPO Awards. This year, the jury has honored the BMC Speedfox 01 Trailsync with the ISPO Gold Winner Award 2018 in the Segment Outdoor in the Category Wheelers.


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