RAD - Race Application Dropper

RAD! The first integrated XC dropper seatpost

Today‘s XC is simply RAD!

We designed a radical, fully-integrated, featherweight dropper post to give our athletes a competitive edge on the most technical XC courses. Race Application Dropper is the first integrated dropper post designed for XC racing:

  • Ultimate Integration
  • Featherweight
  • Easy setup and maintenance

 When form meets function, it‘s RAD!

There‘s no match for our Impec Lab when it comes to rapid prototyping and developing concepts: a playground where functional integration and genius technical solutions are conceived, developed, and brought to life. RAD represents perfectly what the Impec Lab stands for; the pinnacle of BMC‘s technology and mechanical engineering expertise.

RAD, simple and effective

Up and Down! 

XC racing is all about intensity and adrenaline, climbing at full speed or descending as fast as your bike will let you.

RAD‘s intuitive two-position adjustment supports you in moments when a race is won or lost, in a split second. With 80mm of drop on all sizes, RAD delivers the optimum saddle drop for every section of the race course.


Easy handling

When form meets function, it‘s RAD!

Lighter: RAD is ~100g lighter than a conventional dropper post thanks to the integrated design

30% stronger: RAD’s oversized elliptic structure is more resistant to stress than a conventional round post

Functional: The reduced number of parts improves the system’s performance and durability

Race Application Dropper

RAD is manufactured through high-precision machining processes to achieve maximum accuracy required for flawless functionality of its sliding element.

RAD features varying wall thicknesses to achieve the perfect balance of dealing with rider induced forces and keeping the weight at a minimum.


  • Front: 2.3 mm wall thickness for increased strength and fatigue resistance
  • Side: 1.0 mm wall thickness for weight reduction

RAD‘s radical elliptic shape reduces weight while improving strength for reduced flex and uncompromised functionality under load. Over 100g weight saving compared to a conventional design achieve a system weight of just 345g, making RAD one of the lightest dropper seatpost on the market.

  • RAD - 345g
  • KS Lev Ci - 425g
  • Fox Tranfer Factory - 517g

Smart and Sleek



RAD moves the clamping system and the associated loads to the bottom of the seat tube. Allowing to design a lighter seat tube hence it does not require a traditional seatpost clamp which eliminates negative effects of clamping on dropper post functionality. Thanks to RAD`s elliptic shape the saddle is always straight.

The seatclamp is replaced by a dust wiper:

  • Improved functionality
  • Improved durability
  • Clean look

Stronger and Lighter

“Integrated design provides the freedom to move away from the round seatpost shape to address the limits of conventional seatpost design.“

Peter Stämpfli, MTB Engineer, BMC Switzerland

Conventional dropper posts use round elements in order to be compatible with every frame on the market, leading to performance compromises and excessive weight. RAD was developed with the vision of creating the lightest and strongest XC dropper post without having external compatibility dictating the boundaries of shape, size, and material choice. An extended research on stress resistance and weight reduction for seatpost application highlighted the superior properties of an elliptic shape. This was the reason to develop the RAD seatpost and seat tube interface.

  Stress Score Weight
Round Shape 438 Mpa 143 g
Elliptic Shape 321 Mpa 113 g
  -30 % -30 g




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