MTT - Micro Travel Technology

BMC’s Micro Travel Technology (MTT)

is the evolution of several generations of advanced cross-country weaponry. The progressive composite engineers of the Impec Lab spent two years developing and perfecting the function and performance of the system.

Simply adding compliance to the rear end of the bike was not sufficient – doing so without loss of drivetrain efficiency, torsional rigidity, or steering responsiveness was near rocket-science. The end results of two years of research and development to create MTT, are the icing on the cake; virtually no weight penalty and incredibly low maintenance.

Micro-Travel Technology function is the result of the engineered performance of the chainstays and seatstays through complex carbon layups and the dual-guide, integrated XCell damper.

The BMC Teamelite 01 - –a Racing Evolution

The Impec Lab has teamed up with the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team to create the BMC Teamelite 01, the world’s most technically-advanced hardtail mountainbike. The high-performance discipline of cross-country racing has become, quite literally, a race to the top. Grueling, all-out sprints to the finish are supported with bikes whose maximum efficiency and minimum weight ethos pay no heed to compliance – until now. The BMC Teamelite 01 is the culmination of an evolution of race bike performance. Its unique combination of efficiency, traction, and fatigue-fighting compliance technology places it in a category of its very own, and raises the bar by setting new industry standards. Listen to what BMC and the BMC Racing Team including Ralph Näf and Julien Absalon have to say about this evolutionary experience and outstanding MTB product development.

BMC Switzerland | The New BMC Teamelite 01 - a Racing Evolution


Advanced Carbon Technology

The advanced tube shapes of the seatstay and chainstay, and carbon material type and layup bring incredible performance for technically demanding trail conditions.

Dual-Guide Design

XC racing success demands high pedaling efficiency and aggressive steering performance. The MTT system relies on a dual-guide design to promote torsional and lateral stiffness.

Smooth rolling: Rolling smoother is rolling faster and more efficient

Fatigue reduction: Stay fresh, stay powerful and stay sharp with engineered fatigue reduction

Power transmission: Power to the pedals as BMC engineers intended it to be



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