ICS - Integrated Cockpit System

Integrated Cockpit System

We strive to be at the forefront of design through innovative solutions that prioritize functional integration to provide significant benefits for the rider. The Integrated Cockpit System technology is probably the best example of this philosophy, a proprietary system that provides stealth cable routing from handlebar to rear axle without compromising fit and adjustability A leading solution and bike industry-first, ICS technology combines form and function for the most advanced cockpit design in the market, enabling us to set new standards in frame design. ICS Technology is available on selected platforms throughout the BMC product line to offer the benefits of funtional integration to a broad range of rider profiles.



ICS Aero

The new ICS Aero cockpit is the most current application of ICS technology. Designed to minimize drag, this cockpit boasts an elevated aero performance, uncompromised adjustability and peerless ease of service. This iteration of ICS features a minimal frontal surface area and totally internal stealth cable routing. Due to its standard 2-piece construction, there are no limitations to functionality or fit; riders can quickly adjust stem and bar lengths with various options available.

ICS Aero Bar

A dedicated aero bar designed to create a minimal frontal surface area to reduce aerodynamic drag.

• Ergonomic aero top shape
• Minimal Leading Edge
• Ample wrist clearance on the drops
• 3 widths: 400/420/440mm
• 66mm reach, 125mm drop, 2.5˚ flar

(ICS Aero Bar - Compatible with ICS Aero stem only)

ICS Aero Stem

 Aerodynamically optimized ICS technology stem, designed for minimal frontal surface and increased compliance. 

• Aero shape reduces drag and improves compliance 
• Available in 4 lengths: 100, 110, 120, 130mm 
• -15˚ angle • High Top Cone + Low Top Cone options 
• Faceplate with Garmin and GoPro mounts (Garmin and GoPro mounts included with all Timemachine Road 01 models)
• Faceplate compatible with computer mounts using the GoPro interface

(ICS Aero Stem Compatible with ICS Aero bar only)

ICS Stem


The ICS Stem is offered in five lengths (90, 100, 110, 120, & 130mm) to enable riders to create their ideal riding position. The cable clamp and cable cover system have been designed to prevent unnecessary complications with installation, adjustment or servicing and provide safekeeping for electronic cables and hydraulic housing.





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