BWC – Big Wheel Concept

More than big wheels

It takes a lot more than just adding bigger wheels to fully capture the benefits of the 29er. And for that reason, the transition to bigger wheels has, for many brands, proven incredibly difficult. But our progressive Big Wheel Concept created a totally new way of thinking, from axle to axle, and has set us apart from the rest. More control, more comfort, more confidence and a whole lot more speed, the 29er and BWC are the past, present and future of big wheels.

Big Wheel Concept is much more involved than a wheel diameter; it’s a philosophy, a mindset, a strategic approach to geometry and handling characteristics to make 29er bikes ride intuitively. When the transition to 29” wheels started catching fire, our engineers realized quickly that the entire bike, from handlebar to rear triangle, had to be redesigned and re-evaluated. The end result is a multi-faceted approach: position the rider in an ideal space for traction and control, create the perfect cockpit for confidence, and rethink geometry until the bike is fast, fearless and nimble.


Greater agility 

Increased stability

Perfect chainstay length, maximum bottom bracket drop and a short stem all create a bike that works with the rider, not against them. With a larger contact patch, 29” wheels are known for stability and predictability – we take things further with a purposeful geometry and cockpit.

Control: Specific geometry designs to compliment big wheels means awesome rider control

Speed: Keep it rolling – 29er wheels roll fast up or down

Nimble handling: Stay confident, fast and maneuverable in the tight stuff


Bikes with this technology